Meta Santoso-Chien B.Mus.(Melb), M.App.Com.(Melb), A.Mus.A., A.Y.M.F. offers piano tuition using the Suzuki and traditional methods.

Meta’s personal and attentive approach nurtures the musical potential in your child with a personalised piano tuition program. Singing, reading music and listening are incorporated from the very first lesson. This approach increases enjoyment, maximises interest and accelerates progress. It equips students with the solid foundation they require to attain the highest levels of technical proficiency and musicianship.

Meta teaches beginners, intermediate to advanced-level students on a concert-standard Grand Piano, fostering in her students an appreciation and familiarity with the finer expressive qualities of a professional concert piano. She offers fast track and tailored music immersion programs for the highly motivated and gifted students.

Meta organises bi-annual concerts, annual concert picnic, workshops and other musical activities throughout the year for her students and families to continue to inspire, engage and broaden their musical horizons.


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